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3DMacro Crack Download

3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download
3DMacro Crack Download


Software Name3DMacro 2021.1.1 Crack Download
Software Version2021.1.1
Software EditionsFull Version / Unlimited and Life Time Full Module and Add-on Version, 3DM-B, 3DM-SMCA, 3DM-RST, 3DM-FP, 3DM-GEO+CFD, 3DM-3D
Software TypeMasonry Buildings Software
Operating SystemWindows 32-Bit/64-Bit 7, 8, 10
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Gruppo Sismica 3DMacro Crack

3DMacro Crack (Masonry Calculation) is the innovative tool designed by Gruppo Sismica company for the analysis and estimation of seismic vulnerability of buildings in ordinary masonry, mixed structure masonry-reinforced concrete and confined masonry.

3DMacro Crack allows you to easily model new and existing buildings, of any geometry and complexity. This masonry buildings software offers you a wide library of masonry, materials and loads according to Eurocodes and  Italian Rules.

Furthermore, 3DMacro Crack can be effectively used for the evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of framed structures in the presence of reinforced concrete septa, considering the contribution of the infills on the global seismic response.

Gruppo Sismica 3DMacro Crack allows you to model the masonry walls using a plan macro-element, developed in the university. This element simulates the major failure mechanisms in the plane of the wall panels and allows you to model the interaction between masonry and reinforced concrete frames.

Gruppo Sismica 3DMacro masonry calculation is the right compromise between the complexity of the methods of nonlinear finite element modeling, accurate but computationally expensive and difficult to interpret, and the over-approximation of the simplified approaches (POR method, frame models, etc.).

With the new sparse solver analyzes nonlinear become simple, fast and reliable!

3DMacro Software Crack Features

  • 3DMacro full version download
  • 3DMacro unlimited and life time with full modules
  • 3DMacro full add-on version crack
  • All modules: 3DM-B, 3DM-SMCA, 3DM-RST, 3DM-FP, 3DM-GEO+CFD, 3DM-3D is available in this license.
  • Theory model - the macro element
  • Theory model - failure mechanisms
  • Plan builder
  • Wall builder
  • 3D modeling
  • Automatic definition of the seismic actions
  • Library of materials
  • Calculation using macro-elements
  • Complex geometries management
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Brand new solution for sparse matrix
  • Advanced and fast calculation engine

3DMacro Modules

  • 3DM-B: Basic module, vulnerability estimation and seismic classification
  • 3DM-RST: Add-on module for modeling structural reinforcements - FRP tapes, CAM, Fibrenet systems and others
  • 3DM-FP: Additional module for the verification of out-of-plane kinematics according to regulations
  • 3DM-GEO + CFD: Additional module for geotechnical checks and for the evaluation of the effects due to seabed and differential subsidence
  • 3DM-SMCA: Add-on module for the modeling of buildings with mixed masonry-CA structures
  • 3DM-3D: Additional module for enabling the three-dimensional behavior of the masonry walls

The 3DMacro add-on modules (3DM-FP, 3DM-SMCA, 3DM-GEO + CFD, 3DM-RST, 3DM-3D) can be combined with each other and are integrated into the basic module (3DM-B) and therefore require the 3DM- module. B.

3DMacro Masonry Calculation Crack

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Latest and full version of 3DMacro Masonry Calculation Crack 2021 with all modules & valid license is always available. Current version is 3DMacro 2021.1.1

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