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AminoFeed Crack Download

AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download
AminoFeed Crack Download


Software Version5
Software EditionsFull Version
Software TypeRation Writing Software Solution
Crack MethodCracked License
Operating SystemWindows 32-Bit/64-Bit 7, 8, 10 , 11
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  • Software: AminoFeed Crack
  • Version: 5
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AminoFeed Crack Download 5 | Free Feed Formulation Software

AminoFeed Crack Download 5 is powerful feed formulation software and innovative cost optimization tool which helps you develop, manage, store, analyze, collaborate and exchange animal feed formulas. This crack software ensures the best formulation quality with a fast, secure, reliable calculation platform and optimization engine. AminoFeed Crack Download 5 presents the formulation as user-friendly, scalable, and customizable, integrating nutrients, raw materials, formulas, labels, and best practices. AminoFeed is a multi-user software and works on all operating systems and devices.

23 Important features AminoFeed Crack Download 5

  1. The Linear Programming Solution Method
  2. Linear Programming Solution Method with Confidence Margin
  3. Diet Based on Digestible Amino Acids
  4. Diet Based on Ideal Breeding
  5. Manual and Automatic Dilution of Rations
  6. The Number of Other Nutrients to The Energy Level and DCAD of The Diet
  7. Personal Feed Bank
  8. Food Needs Bank
  9. Poultry Food Sources of All Poultry Strains, Including Laying, Meat, Turkey, Partridge, Quail, Goose, Duck, Ostrich, Mother Hen
  10. Specialized Dictionary of 10000 Words of Animal Sciences
  11. Update the Feed Bank from The Central Server
  12. Update the Food Needs Bank from The Central Server
  13. Update Feed Prices from The Central Server
  14. View of Balanced Diets
  15. Balanced Diet Report in PDF Format
  16. Convert Units
  17. Feed Transplant Bank
  18. Reporting Error Rs While Formulating the Ration
  19. Announcing Interference in Meeting the Nutritional Needs of The Desired Strain
  20. Declaration of Non-Supply of Feeds Oh the Desired Strain in A Situation Where Foods Can Meet the Desired Needs
  21. Declare and Specify All Nutrients without The Amount
  22. Declaration of The Insufficient Percentage of Selected Foods to Meet Nutritional Needs
  23. Runs on Wins 7, 8, 10

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