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RehaCom Crack Download

RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download
RehaCom Crack Download


Software NameDongle Emulator, Patched, 100% Cracked
Software Version6.10 [2021]
Software EditionsFull Version / Unlimited Life Time License
Software TypeCognitive Therapy Software
Operating SystemWindows 10
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  • Software: RehaCom Crack
  • Version: 6.10 (2022)
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RehaCom Crack

RehaCom Crack is a general cognitive rehabilitation software for professionals with a cracked unlimited lifetime license; This handy tool assists the therapist in rehabilitating cognitive disorders that affect certain aspects of attention, concentration, memory, cognition, and activities of daily living, and much more.

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Patients in more than 2,000 clinics benefit daily from our solution, Made in Germany. RehaCom 6.10 offers deficit-specific, patient-centered treatment. Years of research, testing, and customization have helped make this the most deficient software on the market.

27 computer-aided therapy modules are available to help your patients to improve cognitive function and compensatory skills in attention, memory, leadership functions, and the visual field.

RehaCom is suitable for all phases of rehabilitation and can be assigned to each patient from easy to complex, depending on the deficit level. After the start of therapy, RehaCom automatically adapts to the patient's performance. It is not necessary to watch the patient all the time. RehaCom guides the patient, instructs, and gives feedback.

Patient progress is automatically tracked and monitored in various cognitive areas. At the same time, the doctor can provide services to a more significant number of clients - increasing both client treatment effectiveness and the doctor's efficiency.

Also, the system is used in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient services.

HASOMED RehaCom Cracked Software Features

RehaCom cognitive therapy software was developed by HASOMED GmbH company for assists brain-injured persons recover cognitive abilities and has proven effective as part of an overall strategy for rehabilitation.

  • Unlimited Life Time License
  • Attention Training
  • Memory Training
  • Executive Functions Training
  • Visual Field Training
  • Visual-Motor abilities
  • Alertness (ALET)
  • Selective Attention (GONT)
  • Campimetry (KAMP)
  • Divided Attention (GEAT)
  • Working Memory (PUME)
  • Spatial Numbers Search (NUQU)
  • Memory For Words (WOMT)
  • Logical Reasoning (LOGT)
  • Visual Field (VITE)

Wait, Please fill free to contact us if you have any other questions.

RehaCom System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: i3 or higher
  • RAM: 4GB
  • VGA: Intel HD530 or higher (at least 2GB Memory)
  • HDD: 10GB
  • Monitor: 1024x768px
  • Equipment: Speaker, Mouse, Printer,
  • RehaCom Panel, RehaCom Keyboard

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