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INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download

INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download
INSUL 10.0.2 2023 Full Version Crack Download


Software Version10.0.2 2023
Software EditionsFull Version
Software TypeSound Insulation Predicting Software
Crack MethodDongle Emulator, Patched, 100% Cracked
Operating SystemWindows 32-Bit/64-Bit 7, 8, 10 and OSX with Screen Resolution 1366x768 or Greater
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INSUL Best Predicting Sound Insulation Software Crack License

The Best Quick and Accurate Tool For Predicting The Sound Insulation in Walls, Floors, and Ceilings, ✅ 100% Full Cracked License with Free Download Link, Risk-Free & No Charge.

INSUL is a Program For Predicting The Sound Insulation Of Walls, Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, And Windows. Impact Sound And Rain Noise Of Floors And Roof. The Program Can Make Good Estimates Of The Transmission Loss (TL) Or Impact Sound (Ln)  In 1/3 Octave Bands And Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC Or Rw) Or Impact Rating (IIC/LnTw) For Use In Noise Transfer Calculations Or Acoustical Design Or Specification. Patched and Valid Enterprise Licensed.

Predict Transmission Loss, Impact Sound, And Rain Noise Always Easy With INSUL 9.

INSUL Software Features

INSUL Can Be Used To Quickly Evaluate New Materials And Systems, Or To Investigate The Effects Of Changes To Existing Designs. It Models Materials Using Well Known Elastic Plate Theory Including Allowances For Thick Panel Effects As Published By Ljunggren, Rindell, And Others. More Complex Partitions Are Modelled Using Work By Sharp, Cremer, And Evaluate Material Or Design Changes.

INSUL Has Been Available For Over 15 Years And Has Undergone Considerable Improvements Over This Time.  It has evolved over many releases and into an easy-to-use tool that takes advantage of the Windows And Mac Environments. It Has Been Refined By Continued Comparison With Laboratory Tests To Provide Acceptable Accuracy For A Wide Range Of Constructions.

INSUL Will Greatly Enhance The Ability Of Acoustic Consultants And Product Manufacturers To Quickly And Confidently Specify Constructions To Achieve A Desired Airborne Sound Insulation.

Test Data Can Be Entered For Easy Comparison With Predictions And Constructions Can Be Saved For Later Recall.


INSUL 10.0.2 Latest Version Cracked

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INSUL is a Real & Professional Solution For Predicting The Sound Insulation in Walls, Floors, and Ceilings with a Cheap Price For Cracked Version.

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This Software Can be Named ✅ The Best SOUND INSULATION Software, But Like Any Prediction Tool, INSUL Is Not A Substitute For Measurement. However, Comparisons With Test Data Indicate That INSUL Reliably Predicts STC Values To be Within 3dB For Most Constructions. INSUL Takes Account Of Finite Size Effects, Which Are Very Important When Predicting Small Samples Such As Windows and standard elements at low frequency.

Check Changelog Details for More Information.

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INSUL Change Log

Newest & Current Version:
V9.0.22 (28 JANUARY 2020)
The Key Feature Of This Release Is A 64 Bit Version Of INSUL For Mac. This Means That It Can Run On MacOS Catalina (10.15) As That Operating System Does Not Support 32 Bit Apps Such As INSUL 9.0.20.  
The Windows Version Of INSUL 9.0.22 Remains 32 Bit.
Both Versions Of INSUL 9.0.22 Includes Minor Bug Fixes And Adjustments To Improve General Usability.

V9.0.20 (10 JULY 2019)
The Update Comprises Tweaks And Bug Fixes For Both Windows And Mac.
Changes Include:
Improved Composite TL Calculator Functionality In Mac Version
Fixed Bug In Double Floor (ISPL) Calcs With No Cavity Infill
Minor Printing Improvements For Test Panel Sizes
Improved Materials Editor Closing Routines
Revised Update-Checking Routines To Prevent Hanging
Updated Illustrations Of Cavity Infill On File Open
Bug Fix For Rain Noise Models For Orthotropic Panels

V9.0.19 (07 MAY 2019)
A New INSUL Update Is Now Available , Release 9.0.19, May 2019.
The Update Includes Fixes For A Few Bugs Along With Additional Materials In The INSUL Database. 
Changes Include:
Improved Printouts For Indoor Out door Calculator
Updated Illustration Dimensioning For Ceilings, Floors And Roofs
Improved Printouts For Composite TL Calculator
Revised Plotting For Composite Steel Floor Systems

V9.0.17 (26 OCTOBER 2018)
The Updates Include Some Minor Changes To Materials Lists And Fixes To A Few Bugs.
Changes Include:
Improved Printouts Which Prevent Word-Wrap For Cavity Descriptions
Updated Chart Export Save Location
Updated Illustration Export Save Location
Improve Functionality Of The Composite TL Calculator
Fixed Materials Editor Bug For Elastic Core Materials
Fixed Bug For Cavity Infill Thickness Changes

V9.0.16 (15 OCTOBER 2018)
The Updates Include Some Minor Changes To Materials Lists And Fixes To A Few Bugs.
Changes Include:
Implementing A Trial License Feature For Mac OSX
Improving Usability For Adding Porous Facing To Single Constructions
Fixing A Bug With Application Of Porous Facing To Floor And Roof Constructions
Updating Illustrations To Correct Layouts For Ceiling, Floor And Roof Constructions With No Connections
Fixing A Bug In Outdoor To Indoor Calculator That Wasn't Copying 1/3 Octave Values For Sound Reduction Spectrum (Worked In Octaves)

V9.0.14 (21 SEPTEMBER 2018)
The New Releases Include Additional Floor Cover Materials And A New Frame Connection.
They Also Fix Up A Few Recent Bugs Including: 
Saving Illustrations
Updating Cavity Infill Thickness
Copy And Paste Of Data
SonArchitect Export
Floor Cover Selection
Chart Legend Text
Updating Floor Models Involving More Than One Floor Layer
These Will Be Some Of The Final Updates Of INSUL Version 9. 
Work Is Now Well Underway On The Next Major Release, INSUL Version 10 (INSUL 10.0).

V9.0.12 (06 AUGUST 2018)
The New Release Implements A Handful Of Minor Updates And Refinements Along With A Couple Of Bug Fixes:
SoN Export Wan't Working, Hopefully Fixed.
Rain Noise Bug (For Decimal Separator As , )
Fixed Bug For New Frame/Connection Types With No Impact Or Rain Noise Calculation Procedures (E.G. C Joist)

V9.0.11 (25 MAY 2018)
Across The New Releases, The Following Improvements And Bug Fixes Have Been Added:
* Re-Worked Glazing Algorithms To Try And Get The Best Empirical Match Between Available Data And INSUL
* Add 0.75mm BMT Steel Studs
* Beginnings Of Chinese Translation (Early Days)
* Adding Joist And Stud Dimensions To Print Outs
* Fixing Bugs With Entering Cavity Dimensions
* Minor Additions To The Materials Database  
* Updated Calculations For Leak Predictions
* Fixed Minor Bugs On Leaks Tabs
* Added Leak Details To Printouts
* Improved Reliability Of Filtering Functions In The Materials Editor
* Updated String Handling In Search Boxes To Manage Empty Strings
* Fixed An Open-File Bug Which Occured When Using Comma As The Decimal Separator
* Updated Rating Methods For Rain Noise Calculations
* Fixed Printing Bug (No Construction Details Printed, Only Leak Stuff)

V9.0.8 (16 FEBRUARY 2018)
* Added Some Decimal Places To English Units Display.
* Fixed Crashing When Selecting Mini-Orb Roofing
* In Outdoor To Indoor Calculator Fixed Mucked Up Grid When Switching Between Octave And 1/3 Octave
* Added 28mm Furring Channel (Australian And New Zealand Connections Lists)
* Fixed Problem In SonArchitect Export For Glazing
* Added Israel As A Region
* Add Check Box To Force Cavity Width To Remain Constant (Stud Sizes Adjust To Maintain Cavity Width)
* Partition Dimensions Now Showing In OSX
* Altered Colour Of Buttons Etc To Make Selections Easier To See
* Improvements To Glazing Section (Add Check Box For Double Sash Windows, Improved Triple Glazing Algorithms For ......)
* Added CertainTeed Materials
* Made Most Woods Orthotropic.
* Printing Function Added To The Materials Editor
* Undo And Redo Functions Added To The Materials Editor
* Undo And Redo Functions Added To The Composite TL Calculator
* Added An Underlay Selection Box To The Materials Editor Floor Covers Tab
* Updated Composite TL Calculator To Better Handle Very Small Element Areas
* 'All Regions' Searching Option Added To The Materials Editor Search Window
* Revised Styling For Buttons On The Main INSUL Window, Including Options In The View Menu To Change Style And Layout
* Revised Styling For The Materials Editor Search Window, Using Expander Lists
* Updating Materials Editor Form Size For Improved Display On Surface Pros
* Add STC/Rw Single Panel Rating To Properties Display.
* Can Now Select And Show A Frame For A Single Panel, Useful For Getting The Illustration More Correct In Some Situations
* As A Consequence Of Last Item We Have Changed The Way You Add A Porous Facing, Now Added In Frame 1 (No Longer On The Porous Page).

V9.0.7 (30 NOVEMBER 2017)
* Hopefully Got On Top Of Printing Issues (Previously Only 600 Dpi Really Worked Properly)
* Add Cold Formed Steel Joists As Option For Ceilings And Floors
* Add Load Bearing Steel Studs With Resilient Rail (1.0-1.6mm Or 20g To 16g)
* Add Prediction Of Impact Sound For Plastic Foam Underlays.
* Fix Incorrect Addition Of Impact Sound Levels For Octave Band Display
* Re-Instate Transmission Loss For Specific Angles Of Incidence For Free Field On Source Side
* Re-Enable Display And Entry Of Dynamic Stiffness (Metric Units Only)
* Added Panel Information To 2D Display
* Fixed Illustration Of Batten And Cradle Spacing For 400mm Etc
* Minor Translation Fixes
* Added Margin Of Error To Printout
* Correctly Set, And Store And Recall Setting Of Frequency Ranges For C And Ci
* Increase Length Of Project Number And Name
* Fix Problems In SONarchitect Export Of Floors (Not Export Airborne And Impact At The Same Time)
* Added EVA As A Glazing Interlayer Option
* Added GTEC Resilient Acoustic Stud As A Frame Option
* Many Small Improvements To The French Translation
* Beginnings Of Polish And Chinese Translations
* Fix Bug In Impulse Reponse Generator In Auralisation (Didn't Affect The Main Auralisation Part)
* Fix Bugs In English Units For Surface Mass Dimensioning Of Glazing Constructions
* More Work On Improving The Mac OS Version

V9.0.6 (03 OCTOBER 2017)
* Printing Of 2D Illustration
* More Tweaks To Printing Of Custom Logo
* Adjust Scale Of 2 D Illustration (Use Mouse Wheel)
* Fix Bug Of Ceiling/Floor Absportion Not Correctly Showing In Description Box
* Numerous Updates To The Outdoor-Indoor Calculator - Can Change Colour Of Lines On Graph, Moved Location Of Dntw Line As This Is An Overall Quantity,Fixed Equation Constants For English Units (And Corrected It For Metric Units), Added A Save As Button,
* Added Rw+Ctr To Display (Its Quite Small At This Stage)
* Display Floor Cover And Underlay Parameters And Enable Editing Thereof For Heavy Floors
* Correct Drawing Of Trapezoidal Profiles When Used On Panel 2 Or 3 So The Ribs Poke Out Instead Of In
* More Work On Outdoor To Indoor Calculator (Enable Bigger Graph When Screen Is Enlarged, Fixed Issues With Printout)
* Improved WAV File Library Feature. Can Now Set A Default Folder As Your Library And Store Your Own WAV Files There.
* Improvements To Triple Glazing Calculations
* Improved Printouts For Rain Noise Calculations (Added Rain Fall Rates, Roof Areas, Rain Type Etc)
* Fixed Default Value Of PIR For English Units
* Fixed Translation Of Drop Down Lists In The Materials Editor.
* Fixed Bug When Showing Properties Of Porous Material
* Selected Material Should Be At Top Of The Box At (Almost) All Of The Time Now.
* Cursor Changes To Cross Hairs When Over Illustration To Indicate You Can Click For Properties.
* Layers 2 To 6 By Default Have Number Of Layers = 0 , But Now When You Choose A Material It Automatically Sets To = 1

V9.0.5 (25 AUGUST 2017)
* Added 2 D Illustrations As An Option Instead Of 3 D
* Fixed Up Setting For Show Or No Show Flanking On Graph.
* Fixed Autoscale So It Is A Bit More Logical.
* Fixed Logo Display (Aspect Ratio Of Logo Is Preserved.)
* Outdoor Calculator Various Small Improvements (Descriptions As Graph Legends, Graph On Printout, Improved Grid Behaviour)
* Added A Line To The Outdoor To Indoor Calculator For Including An Arbitary Insertion Loss (Could Be Used For Shielding Or Screening For Instance)
* Added Stucco To USA Materials List, Custom Orb And Fibre Cement To Australian List, USG Structo Concrete
* Fixed Some Issues With Auralisation
* Fixed Floor Infill Poking Through Floor If Too Thick. Showed Display Of 2nd Blanket In Floors.
* Completed Most Everything For The French Translation.
* Small Improvements To The Materials Editor.
* Added Chilean Materials
* Tidy Up Some Flooring Material Data
* French Translation Improved.

V9.0.4 (21 JULY 2017)
* Fix Left Axis Title On Graph For Impact Calcs (Show Correct Label)
* Don’T Show Flanking Curve When Not Appropriate
* Store And Recall Setting Of DBA,NC,PNC Or NR
* Improved Accuracy For Strapped And Lined Walls
* Added Akustik Mounts (Ceiling And Floor)
* Made Key Update Function Work
* Enabled SONarchitect Export.
* Fixed Display Of Wrong Frequency Range For Ctr
* Removed DnT,W From Printout.
* Added Floor Cover Description To Print Out
* Added A Few Properties To Line At Bottom Of Screen.
* Fix Bug That Changed Cavity Width After Closing Settings Form (Apparently Changed STC/Rw When Changing Eg Room Volume)
* Get Update Function Working Again (From This Update Onwards)
* Fix Minor Bugs With Materials Editor Search Function
* Added Legend To Materials Editor Floor Cover Chart
* Updated Handling Of Batten And Cradle Constructions For Floor Calculations
* Spanish Translation Of Main Form (Other Forms Still To Come).

V9.0.0 (31 MAY 2017)
Marshall Day Acoustics Are Delighted To Announce The Release Of Version 9.0 Of INSUL.
This New Version Presents A Major Over Haul Of The User Interface To Provide A New Foundation For The Next 10 Years Development Of This World Leading Software.  The Most Obvious Feature To The Thousands Of INSUL Users Will Be The 3 D Illustration Of The Partition To Be Calculated.  This Can Be Rotated, Zoomed And An X Ray View Displayed.  This Makes The Communication With An End User Of The Calculations Easier And Provides A Degree Of Confidence That The Prediction Is Based On The Users Actual Partition Design.  A Trial Version Can Be Downloaded From The Download Page On This Website And A Trial Key Obtained From Your Local Distributor. 
A Short List Of New Features Compared To Version 8
New User Interface Design With 3 D Illustration Of The Construction That Can Be Zoomed And Rotated.
Better Utilisation Of Small Or Big Screens. (Elements Of Interface Can Be Re-Arranged For Personal Preference)
Prediction Of Floating Floors Using Polystyrene Or Mineral Wool With Concrete Screed On Top.
Double Absorptive Blankets Can Be Selected (Means Illustrations Can Be More Realistic)
Prediction Of External Cladding Systems Using PIR Or Polystyrene Insulation
Better Auralisation With A User Expandable Library Of Sounds.  Ability To Record Auralisations For Later Replay Without INSUL
New Types Of Connections And Improved Illustrations
Thermal Insulation Of Glazing (According To EN 673)
 Database Of Steel Or Timber Studs (Standard Sizes Selected From Menu).
Pitched Roofs Can Now Be Predicted
Multi-Platform (Windows, Apple Mac Os) (This May Be A Couple Of Months Away)
Better Search Through Materials Files.
Filtering Lists By Category Or Manufacturer.
New Types Of Frames/Connections Such As Batten And Cradle Isolation Pads
Add Copy And Paste Functions To Composite TL Calculator, And To Outdoor-Indoor Calculator (So You Can Transfer Results).


What is INSUL software?

INSUL is an sound insulation predicting software.

What is the latest version of INSUL?

Latest version is INSUL 9.0.23 2021

What is INSUL software price?

INSUL software crack price is just 50$.

How long can i use INSUL?

It is unlimited and life time license.

When will I receive my order?

Usually it takes 1 or 2 hours.