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Mercury RT Crack Download

Mercury RT Crack Download


Software NameSOBRIETY Mercury RT DIC Cracked Download
Software Version2.9.3 [2021]
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Version - Keygen, Patched, Cracked
Software TypeNon-contacting video extensometer for real-time analysis of strain and deformations measurement in industry and research
Operating SystemWindows 10
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Mercury RT Crack

MERCURY RT DIC Software Crack is Non-contacting video extensometer for real-time analysis of strain and deformations measurement in industry and research.

The Mercury RT Crack software developed by SOBRIETY company and is designed to process all measurements, automatically calculate result data, and perform post-processing.

Measurements are performed regardless of geometry and temperature without costly and time-consuming sample preparation.

Accurate 3D coordinates can be generated for different sizes of objects, as well as measurement and test reports.

When deforming the object, stereo images are recorded with two cameras.

The stereo correlation between the left and right images measures the geometry and position of the object during each loading phase.

The two images shown are recorded simultaneously with the left and right cameras of a stereo system.

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SOBRIETY Mercury RT DIC Crack Features

Mercury RT

Typical use is an industrial application of the system as a video extensometer with list of measurement presets (templates) that can be manually or remotely switched. also crack is available.   

Mercury Enter

Typical use for this Mercury Enter Crack module is the evaluation of high-speed recordings of dynamic tests or as an extension to the RT module for a possibility of reevaluation of previously recorded data and an addition of extra functionality and a higher number of probes.

This module is cracked and ready.

These advantages find thein use in industrial applications for measuring special samples and materials, as well as in workplaces for research and development.

Mercury Plus

Typical use of the Mercury PLUS Crack module is the extension of the RT module in industrial applications for an increase in the robustness of the system by using intelligent gauges and/or improvement of the precision by using a set of multiple cameras.

Mercury 3D

Typical use of the Mercury 3D Crack module is to measure with a previously unknown direction of the deformation.

3D DIC System can be used in automotive, aviation, space industries, by manufacturers of consumer goods or in civil engineering.

  • Flexible measuring system for a wide application range.
  • The measuring systems are based on digital image processing.
  • User friendly data inspection tools.
  • Customizable coordinate system.
  • Flexible data extraction of statistics, time-history from points or regions.
  • EN ISO 9513 and ASTM E83-10a standards.
  • Measurement of samples according to EN ISO 8592 standard, method A and B.
  • Measuring of wood, metals, plastics, (metal) forms, rubber, composites, paper, etc.
  • Full compatibility for DOLI controllers.

Mercury Fullfield (DIC)

Typical use is the measurement of the character of the deformation field.

Mercury Vibrography (FFT)

Typical use is the measurement and visualization of modal and operational deflection shapes.

  1. Compact "One box" solution
  2. Easy "Plug and play" installation
  3. User-friendly operation
  4. High-precision measurement
  5. Robust design for industrial use
  6. Modular and stackable
  7. Adjustable field of view
  8. Easy calibration procedure
  9. Minimal maintenance

Mercury RT Download

You can download the trial product for free from developer website. also you can fill a contact form for buy Mercury RT Download with unlimited license.

Current version of this software is 2.9.3 [2021] and ready for download.

We update this post every week if any newer version released.

We will send Mercury RT download link to you after payment.

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