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MIKE Zero Crack Download

MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download
MIKE Zero Crack Download


Software NameMIKE Zero Crack Package: MIKE HYDRO, MIKE 11, MIKE 23, MIKE 3, LITPACK, MIKE FLOOD, MIKE SHE, MIKE Animator Plus, MIKE View, DHI Remote Simulation
Software Version2023
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Version - Dongle Emulator, Patched, Cracked
Software TypeThe Common DHI User Interface for Project Oriented Water Modelling
Operating SystemWindows 10
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MIKE Zero Crack

MIKE Zero Crack is the common name of DHI's fully Windows integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre-and post-processing analysis, presentation, and visualization within a project-oriented environment. The MIKE Zero Crack framework currently gives access to the following DHI modeling systems.

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A physical and conceptual model system for catchments, rivers, and floodplains. MIKE HYDRO Basin is a versatile and highly flexible model framework for various applications concerning the Management and Planning aspects of water resources within a river basin.

MIKE HYDRO Basin models utilize a river network and catchments within the specific river basin as the primary model data. On top of this, several features can be applied depending on the type of application.

Features include:

River routing, Water users (regular and Irrigation users), Hydropower and Reservoirs, Hydrology (rainfall-runoff simulations), Groundwater, Global ranking of water users, Reservoir sedimentation, and Water quality options using MIKE ECO Lab.

MIKE HYDRO Basin is the successor of DHI’s former Integrated water resources management and planning product.


MIKE HYDRO River is the modeling framework for defining and executing one-dimensional river models for a large variety of river-related project applications.

MIKE HYDRO River is the new generation of Graphical User Interface for MIKE by DHI River modeling applications. MIKE HYDRO River is the successor to the existing DHI river modeling package.


A 1D modeling system for rivers and channels. MIKE 11 is synonymous with top-quality river modeling covering more application areas than any other river modeling package available. Whether your project deals with flooding, navigation, water quality, forecasting, sediment transport, a combination of these, or other aspects of river engineering, MIKE 11 handles it.


A 2D modeling system for estuaries, coastal water, and seas. MIKE 21 is the leading software package for 2D modeling hydrodynamics, waves, sediment dynamics, water quality, and ecology.

It is a professional software of high reliability, quality, and versatility. MIKE 21 is a modular product and includes simulation engines aimed at a wide range of applications.

MIKE 21/3 Integrated Models.


A 3D modeling system for deep seas, estuaries, and coastal waters. Analyze the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal, or port infrastructure with MIKE 3 Wave FM, 3D phase-resolving modeling software.

With MIKE 3 Wave FM (M3W), you can accurately simulate wave conditions as part of flood planning design. M3W is the only professional modeling tool that allows you to make detailed waves calculations and overtop in larger flood-prone areas.

MIKE 21/3 Integrated Models.


A modeling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics. Simulate coastal evolution and morphology with LITPACK, an integrated system for modeling littoral processes and coastline kinetics.

Simulate the evolution of coastlines affected by structures, sediment sources, and climate changes to support the design and evaluation of coastal management and optimization schemes with this integrated modeling system.


A 1D-2D modeling system for inland flood and urban flood studies. MIKE FLOOD is the unique toolbox for professional flood modelers. It includes a wide selection of specialized 1D and 2D flood simulation engines, enabling you to model any flood problem - whether it involves rivers, floodplains, flooding in streets, drainage networks, coastal areas, dams, levee, and dike breaches, or any combination of these.


A modeling system for coupled groundwater and surface water resources. Analyze groundwater, surface water, recharge, and evapotranspiration processes with the most advanced hydrological modeling tool, MIKE SHE.

MIKE SHE is built on coupled physics-based models for overland, unsaturated, groundwater, and fully dynamic channel flow, including all their complex feedbacks and interactions. MIKE SHE also includes processes such as vegetation-based evapotranspiration, irrigation, snowmelt, and water quality.

MIKE Animator Plus

Animated presentations of model results. MIKE Animator Plus is a digital video production studio that enables you to turn MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE FLOOD, and MIKE SHE model results into excellent 3D video presentations.

Clear communication of results is crucial to its value and recognition regardless of how well you undertake your modeling work. MIKE Animator Plus facilitates this communication task.


MIKE View is a map-based GUI for presenting results from the MOUSE, MIKE URBAN, MIKE NET, and MIKE 11 one-dimensional, looped network software packages. MIKE View is an actual 32-bit Windows application running under Windows and Windows NT operating systems.

MIKE View is designed to serve several different DHI Software packages. As the content of result files for these other software packages varies, the features of MIKE View will also vary with the type of model result file being viewed.

MIKE View is a standard part of the Windows versions of MOUSE, MIKE URBAN, MIKE NET, and MIKE 11 packages but is also available as a stand-alone result presentation tool. MIKE View can display results from MOUSE Runoff, HD, LTS, AD, WQ and ST simulations, SWMM 5 (Results from Runoff, EXTRA, and TRANSPORT are converted to MOUSE result files and then loaded into MIKE View) MIKENET HD and WQ, MIKE 11 NAM, HD, AD, WQ and ST simulations.

DHI Remote Simulation

The MIKE Powered by DHI Remote Simulation is a tool that allows the user to quickly transfer a model setup and computation to a remote computer. This implies that users can share a common and possibly powerful computational resource and simultaneously continue to work on their PCs without being hindered by running simulations. In short: having the MIKE Powered by DHI Remote Simulation installed on PCs in a corporate network enables the users to utilize and share computational power from a single powerful PC or a cluster.

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