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Oxygen Forensic Crack Download

Oxygen Forensic Crack Download


Software NameOxygen Forensic Detective
Software Version14.4.1.1 (2022)
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Version - Cracked via Dongle Emulator
Software TypeMobile forensic software for mobile devices, cloud services, wearables, computer artifacts, and IoT.
Operating SystemWindows 10
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Oxygen Forensic Crack

Oxygen Forensic Cracked by dongle emulator and latest version is oxygen forensic 14 crack.

Oxygen Forensic Detective is a highly functional software tool used for digital forensic investigations of mobile devices and cloud data sources.

Oxygen Forensic Detective Suite is an all-in-one forensic software program platform constructed to extract, decode, and examine statistics from more than one virtual sources: cellular and IoT devices, tool backups, UICC and media cards, drones, and cloud services. Oxygen Forensic Detective also can discover and extract a good sized variety of artifacts, machine documents in addition to credentials from Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

Oxygen Forensic Crack

The reducing side and progressive technology deployed in Oxygen Forensic Detective Tool include, however aren't constrained to, bypassing display locks, finding passwords to encrypted backups, extracting and parsing statistics from steady programs and uncovering deleted statistics.

Oxygen Forensic Detective

Furthermore, more than one extractions may be investigated in an unmarried interface to benefit a whole photograph of the statistics. By the usage of the included industry-main analytical gear to discover social connections, construct timelines, and categorize images, regulation enforcement, company investigators and different legal employees can assist make this international a more secure place.

Oxygen Forensic software price is $200

Oxygen Forensic Crack latest version is 14.3 [2022], all customers can update old versions to latest version 14.3 via customer portal account with our discount and offer.

Oxygen Forensics Key Features

Oxygen Forensic Extractor

  • Acquire records from over 19500 devices (Android, BB, iOS, WP, etc.)
  • Import backups and images (iTunes, Android, JTAG, Chip-Off)
  • Parse records from 430 specific apps and 7320+ general app versions.
  • Recover a huge variety of deleted records.
  • Perform records analysis (Social graph, timeline, key evidence).
  • Search records with the aid of using standards which include keywords.
  • Recover passwords to encrypted backups and images.
  • Bypass display screen lock on famous Android OS devices.
  • Acquire records and media documents from drones.
  • Extract records from cloud sources (iCloud, Google, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Import and examine name records records.
  • Visualize the course and not unusual places of numerous users.
  • Export records to famous report formats, together with PDF, RTF, XLS, SML, etc.
  • Finds passwords to encrypted tool backups and images.
  • Bypasses display lock on famous Android OS gadgets.
  • Acquires information from cloud offerings and storages.
  • Extracts flight records and media documents from drones.
  • Acquires information from IoT gadgets and smartwatches.
  • Collects personal information on Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs.
  • Supports import and evaluation of name information records.
  • Offers Optical Character, Facial and Image recognition.
  • Provides social hyperlinks evaluation and Timeline view.

List of All Features:

Accounts and passwords: Decrypt passwords and authentication tokens to personal debts in social networks, messengers and email apps. Reveal passwords that had been used to hook up with wireless networks.

Advanced bodily methods: Bodily series whilst bypassing tool security.

Applications: Extract, decrypt and look at personal records from trendy maximum famous apps.

Backup and picture import: Import and parse diverse backups and pictures crafted from trendy gadgets like iOS, android, and extra in addition to importing from different forensic gear like CELLEBRITE and MSAB.

Calls: View dialed, responded and failed calls together with deleted ones. Apply filters to expose calls most effective for a selected length of time.

CDR analysis: Method and examine name information information received from wi-fi providers. Visualize geo coordinates at the map and perceive hyperlinks among callers.

Cloud information: Advantage: get entry to cloud offerings like: WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, instagram, Twitter and lots of different social media cloud offerings.

Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor

Contacts: Find and display names, usernames, emails, And more in different sources on the device.

Data reviews: Personalize and generate information reviews in lots of codecs like pdf, xls, rtf, xml and html.

Data seek: Effective international search over an unmarried tool, more than one gadget or whole case.

Device records: View the distinct records approximately the tool and its owner.

Drone information: Extract and examine drone information from bodily dumps, drone logs and cell applications.

Encrypted backups and snapshots import: Discover passwords to encrypted backups and snapshots with the aid of using the use of numerous assaults and optimize the assaults to supply unequalled effects in file speeds.

Facial reputation: Categorize human faces the use of the integrated facial reputation technology.

Files: Get entry to gadgets snap shots, audio and video files, databases and different received proof on the document-device level. View any document in a raw, hex mode, local view.

Geo information: Extract and examine geo coordinates from numerous sources: packages information, picture graph and video exif headers, records of wireless connections, and so on.

Image categorization: Come across vast snap shots consisting of pornography, extremism, drugs, guns, and so on with the integrated photo categorization engine.

Iot tool support: Extract and examine information from iota gadgets.

Key proof: Mark crucial entries as key proof in any application segment and examine them later in an unmarried list.

Keyword search: Create and use key-word lists to quickly discover the applicable information throughout or after information extraction.

Live information extraction: Extract information from cell gadgets primarily based totally on iOS, android, home windows phone, home windows cell, blackberry, Bada OS or function phones. Additionally, accumulate tool media and sim cards.

Locations visualization: Open geo coordinates at the integrated maps, visualize user’s movements, decide his often visited locations and discover if numerous humans had been at the same time on the same place.

Oxygen Forensic Maps

Messages: Advantage: get entry to SMS, mms, e-mail and iMessage communications and study them both in desk or chats view.

Optical individual reputation: Robotically convert textual content on snap shots into machine-encoded textual content.

Organizer: Extract and recover user’s calendars, notes and tasks. Decode iOS encrypted notes.

Plist viewer: Open and take a look at. Plist documents determined in iOS tool extractions. Use converter panel to transform values right into a readable format.

Social graph: Discover social connections among the tool proprietor and his contacts or among numerous gadgets with the aid of using studying calls, messages and app verbal exchange activities.

Statistics: Navigating the big quantity of statistics correctly has usually been our improvement objective. To show this point, we've brought the facts phase that gives a top level view of the complete extraction and lets the investigator quickly pick out sections of interest.

SQLite viewer: Take a look at SQLite databases, get better deleted statistics, convert values, construct square queries, carry out seek and export decided on entries to reports.

Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer

Timeline: View all activities in a chronological order: chats, calls, voicemails, photographs and motion pictures history, wireless connections, geo documents and internet cache.

User statistics series on laptop: Acquire credentials and passwords on laptop the usage of oxygen forensic key scout.

Weskit statistics: Parse user’s emails from webmail interface and content material of visited webpages. Gain get admission to to e mail messages, internet seek history, places and different statistics saved in web-kit databases.

Wireless connections: Discover while and in which the tool proprietor used net get admission to and accumulate records approximately common places of iOS users.

Oxygen Forensic Detective Download

You can download the latest version of Oxygen Forensic Detective with an unlimited license after placing an order from your account > downloads.

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System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i7



VGA: Nvidia Graphics

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

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