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SeismoMatch Crack Download

SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download
SeismoMatch Crack Download


Software Version2018 , 2019 , 2020 , 2021
Software EditionsUnlimited Full Module License
Software TypeEarthquake Engineering Software Solutions
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Seismosoft SeismoMatch Crack Download

SeismoMatch software is an application from Seismosoft Company that can set earthquake records to match a specific target response spectrum by adding microwaves. In Seismosoft SeismoMatch Crack 2021, Software Users have the opportunity to simultaneously check several accelerometers and obtain an adapted mean spectrum whose maximum inconsistency does not exceed a predetermined tolerance.

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Therefore, this program can combine with record selection tools and verification algorithms to define a good set of records to analyze the nonlinear dynamics of new or existing structures.

So SeismoMatch Crack is an application capable of adjusting earthquake accelerograms to match a specific target response spectrum, using the wavelets algorithm proposed by Abrahamson and Hancock et al.

Seismosoft SeismoMatch Software Features

  • Simultaneous matching of several accelerograms and creating a mean-matched spectrum whose maximum misfit respects a pre-defined tolerance.
  • Possibility of using this software in combination with records selection tools and records appropriateness verification algorithms to define adequate suites of records for nonlinear dynamic analysis of new or existing structures.
  • Capability of reading single accelerograms defined in single- or multiple-values per line formats (the two most popular formats used by strong-motion databases) or of reading several accelerograms simultaneously (if they are defined in the single-value per line format).
  • Creation of the target spectrum by following Eurocode 8 rules, computing the sperange a specific accelerogram, or simply loading a user-defined range.
  • The following strong-motion parameters are then computed for the matched accelerograms.
  • Elastic response spectra and pseudo-spectra.
  • Overdamped and constant-ductility inelastic response spectra.
  • Root-mean-square of acceleration, velocity, and displacement.
  • Arias and characteristic intensities.
  • Cumulative absolute velocity and specific energy density.
  • Acceleration and velocity spectrum intensity.
  • Housner intensity.
  • Sustained maximum acceleration and velocity.
  • Effective design acceleration.
  • Predominant.
  • Significant duration.

SeismoMatch Latest Version Crack

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