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Specair Crack Download

Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download
Specair Crack Download


Software NameSpecair Crack Download
Software Version3.0.2
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Cracked Version
Software TypeAtmospheric Spectra Modelling
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8.1, 10
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  • Software: Specair Crack
  • Version: 3.0.2
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Specair Crack

Specair Crack is a full unlimited license of a computer program that models radiative spectra for plasmas. The areas of applications include analysis of plasma spectra and heat flux calculations, and numerous experiments have verified it.

Specair latest version is 3.0.2, and it's available for download from this page. But you must register on our website first to download Specair Crack.

The calculations in Specair are based on a quantum mechanical model that describes each energy level of the species included. The species are the most critical radiating atoms, ions, and diatomic molecules in air plasmas, e.g., N2, O2, NO, N2+, N, O, C, … The spectra of diatomic molecules are computed as described in.

The latest iteration of Specair combines a fast calculation engine with an intuitive and versatile Windows-based user interface. The machine is written in Fortran for maximal performance and can calculate a high-resolution spectrum within a few seconds on a modern desktop computer. While spectra can be exported for advanced analysis or presentation purposes, the Specair interface provides many essential functions for immediate analysis.

Our Available Specair Crack and Licenses:

  • Standard license: The standard Specair license is a Fixed Seat License, valid for 3 years.
  • Academic license: The academic license is available at a fraction of the price of the standard license. The educational version is identical to the standard version.
  • Multiple licenses: Rebates are offered for purchases of 5 licenses or more. Both the standard and the academic options are available as 5-pack licenses.

Specair Download

You can download the trial product for free from the developer's website. Also, you can fill out a contact form to buy and download Specair with an unlimited license.

We update this post every week if any newer version is released.

We will send the Specair download link to your email after payment.

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