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T*SOL Crack Download

T*SOL Crack Download
T*SOL Crack Download


Software NameValentin T*SOL Crack Download 2021 R1
Software VersionT*SOL 2021 (R1)
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Version
Software TypeThe Design And Simulation Software For Solar Thermal Systems
Operating SystemWindows 8.1, 10
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Valentin T*SOL Crack

T*SOL Simulation (The design and simulation software for solar thermal systems) software is an professional tool from Valentin Company that provides the ability to calculate the accuracy and precision of a solar heating system for a period of one year and quite dynamically.

Latest crack version is T*SOL 2021 R1 Crack.

T*SOL is a dynamic simulation program for the design, optimization and calculation of solar thermal systems.

You can download unlimited Valentin T*SOL Crack version from this page, This T*SOL Crack version is latest 2021 (R1) version and it's full life time version of software. 

T*SOL is the simulation program with which you can calculate the yield of a thermal solar system. No matter whether for domestic water heating, heating support, swimming pools or process heat, with T*SOL you can optimally design your planned solar thermal system, dimension storage and collector arrays (also east / west roofs) and determine the economic efficiency.

T*SOL Crack Software Features

The optimization of solar thermal systems depends on many parameters. T*SOL Crack helps to find the best possible combination of storage tanks, heat generators and collector areas. As control also has a major impact on efficiency, you can precisely set control parameters such as switching temperatures and sensor heights. The minute-by-minute simulation enables you to establish the solar yield as well as the exact requirements of the appliances.

  • Graphic representation of the simulation results.
  • Simulation of the solar yield and the coverage of domestic hot water and heating.
  • Databases with solar collectors, boilers and storage tanks.
  • Parameter variation.
  • Energy label.
  • Over 200 pre-configured solar thermal systems.
  • Global climate data available.
  • Design and simulate solar thermal systems professionally.
  • Variant comparison: Compare up to 6 variants in their essential characteristics and parameters.
  • Configurable project report: The content can range from a short report to a detailed project report with simulation results.
  • Profitability analysis: T*SOL calculates the profitability based on the recommendation of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW), taking into account any funding.

Valentin T*SOL System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or 10
  • CPU: 1.5GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • VGA: 64MB OpenGL Support
  • HDD: 820MB
  • Miscellaneous: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Internet Access

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