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GeoT*SOL Crack Download

GeoT*SOL Crack Download
GeoT*SOL Crack Download


Software NameValentin GeoT*SOL Crack Download 2020 R1
Software VersionGeoT*SOL 2020 (R1)
Software EditionsFull Unlimited Version
Software TypeThe Calculation And Simulation Software For Heat Pump Systems
Operating SystemWindows 8.1, 10
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  • Software: GeoT*SOL Crack
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Valentin GeoT*SOL Crack

GeoT*SOL Crack is a unique tool for dynamic simulation for professional planning, calculation, and design of geothermal, solar systems developed by Valentin Company. GeoT*SOL Crack is the planning and design of heat pump systems software with a user-friendly interface.

GeoT*SOL Latest cracked version is GeoT*SOL 2020 R1 Crack.

You can download the unlimited Valentin GeoT*SOL Crack version from this page, This GeoT*SOL Crack version is the latest 2020 (R1) version and its full lifetime version of the software include all modules and addons.

With Valentin GeoT*SOL Crack, you can design heat pump systems and plan professionally.

The professional tool for the planning and design of heat pump systems.

Designing custom heat pump systems is a complicated task requiring solar engineers to consider various factors, including the size and control of the system and the dimensioning of hot water tanks. GeoT*SOL Crack helps you with this and can concentrate on developing efficient and economical heat pump systems. All this is done through a practical and user-friendly interface.

GeoT*SOL Crack has been developed for designers, installers, and technicians who require a unique user-friendly tool to design heat pump systems.

GeoT*SOL Crack Software Features

You can choose between different heat sources (soil, air, and groundwater) and modes of operation (monovalent, monoenergetic, and bivalent) for your location. The integration of solar thermal systems and bivalent systems with fossil heat generators should be emphasized. Requirements, losses, and consumption are determined due to a dynamic minute simulation. Based on this, electricity consumption, seasonal heat performance factor, and costs are calculated, considering off-periods and tariffs. With these parameters, GeoT*SOL Crack evaluates the economic efficiency of the system. The heat price and return are shown for the heat pump and comparison systems.

GeoT*SOL Crack Key Features:

  • Simulation of the contribution margin of the heat pump and other heat generators
  • Determination of the annual performance factor according to VDI 4650
  • Evidence for EEWärmeG, EWärmeG and BAFA grants
  • Tariffs and blocking periods
  • Climate data with 8,000 locations worldwide
  • Configurable project report
  • Profitability analysis

Valentin GeoT*SOL System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or 10
  • CPU: 1.5GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • VGA: 64MB OpenGL Support
  • HDD: 400MB
  • Miscellaneous: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Internet Access

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